Thursday, February 28, 2013

Theatrical Thursday

No formal classes today, just extracurricular English Theater group
I'm trying to get into the thespian spirit with a dramatic black outfit.
I went with sneakers and comfy jeans for ease of jumping around and being active with students.
Chuck Taylor Sneakers, gift.
Black Jeans from Target in Cleveland.

Lace detail on my $15 top from Marshall's in Columbia Heights, D.C.

Day of the Dead Earrings from Artifacts Gallery in Athens, Ohio.
Cuff from a second-hand store in Parma, Italy.

Now off to break some legs... er... yeah.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Professor Style

Breakin' in out the plaid!

This professorial plaid jacket is one of my absolute items. I’ve had it for years, and I found it at a thrift store in Kalispell, Montana, where I didn't pay more than $3 for it!
I wore it all throughout college and then kind of forgot about it during grad school, but I made sure to pack it so that I could bring it back to my regular wardrobe here on the Asian continent!

Unlike most of my blazers, this jacket has two buttons instead of just one. I’m a full-busted gal, so I usually try to leave one un-buttoned to keep my torso looking proportionate.

Today I’ve paired it with my black jeans and riding boots to try to stay casual since the jacket evokes such an academic air. Underneath is a sleeveless white button-down I found at Marshall's.

Besides hand-me-down pajamas, this is the only plaid I own!

I'm wearing simple, feminine accessories to round out this rather masculine look. Just simple CZ studs, my Anne Klein watch, and brass and leather belt (from a yard sale- $1!).

Off to an early class, then tutoring, then English club, then more tutoring.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Locks and Spots

Polka dots!
One of my go-to blouses from
Pairing it today with red jeans (Target), a simple black cardigan (Zara), and my black JS boots.

The red lipstick is to make me feel better about this morning's beauty fail.
If I look tired, it's because I got in a fight with a hair appliance and lost. I've lost so many irons and dryers to incompatible foreign voltages, but I can't help myself from trying! Today I woke up early to use my fabulous Wave Wand and spent upwards of 30 minutes putting gorgeous, romantic waves in the left side of my head, only for the Wand to give out and leave the other half untousled. So I had a half-head straight (blow-dried), half-head wavy situation on my shoulders. I had no choice but to scoop it up into a bun. It looks okay, but I was so bummed!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Manicure

Copper Tones

Today I based my outfit on my gold and brown mani:
OPI Nail Lacquer brought from the U.S. in
Wooden Shoe Like to Know and Rally Pretty Pink

Clothes: Sweater and Jeans from Target

Slouchy Boots: Jessica Simpson

Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings: Icing
Watch: Anne Klein
Onyx Ring: Heirloom from my mom

Friday, February 22, 2013

Zodiac Ribbon

One thing that you'll be noticing in all of my posts is my red zodiac ribbon. My BFF Shuai told me that since it's my year, the year of the Snake, I need to wear something RED every day until the next lunar year begins. Many may shrug such a thing off, but when the granddaughter of a Chinese Feng Shui and Numerology Master tells you to wear red, you wear red!

I don't have a red ring or anything that I could wear the whole year, so I took the ribbon off of the candy bear I got for Valentine's Day. Chocolate and good luck :)

Check out the Snake outlook here!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest Lecture Thursday

Giving a guest lecture in law class today about political corruption in the United States.
In turn, the students are going to tell me about political corruption in Armenia. It could take a while...

Anyway, to my Thursday outfit...

I didn't know what to wear this morning, so I went with this maritime-y blouse because I know my nautically-inclined future-sister-in-law is reading.

  One of four pairs of boots I have in Armenia (five if you count my snow boots!)

Anchor Blouse-Target
Earrings- Gift from Italy
Beige Belt, from a Joneswear Dress- JC Penny
Jeans- Target
Boots- Nordstrom Rack

I had to take a hairdryer to my jeans because after two days they still weren't dry. I miss the convenience of dryers, but it's nice that my jeans aren't shrunken when I put them on after they're washed!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black & Blue

Winter hues!


Basic black today, so the accessories have to do all the work.
They should have their own blog!


Blue Pashmina Scarf- Purchased in Morocco.


Blue Belt- Thrift store find in Athens, Ohio.


Chandelier Earrings- Purchased in Ecuador.

Gold and Onyx Ring- Heirloom from  my mother.
Bangles- X-Mas Gift from my cousin Christa.


MIA Riding Boots.
I wish I could say that I left the buckles unbuckled to be "playful", but the truth is that I just keep bumping into the radiator.

Black 3/4-Sleeve Dress with Pockets- Nordstrom Rack.
Black Leggings- Target.

Thanks for reading! I'm off to work.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Lady-Like

In Honor of President's Day...

...and the presidential "election" in my host country.

Feminine and conservative.
Chanel-Inspired Buttons

Real pearl necklace (being worn as a bracelet) from China, fake pearl earrings, probably also from China (but purchased at Nordstrom Rack).

I was going for "Jackie-O-goes-horse-back-riding". 

How'd I do?
I've only been on a horse once. I was six, and it scared the hell out of me. 
But I love these riding boots so much that I'd give it another go!

 Riding Boots by MIA
Blouse from Macy's
Black Skinny Jeans from Target

I chose a curly blow-out to go with this outfit, but you should check out what Michelle Obama has to say about her current hairstyle:   :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Tutoring

No classes today, just tutoring.
Recycling some items from the week!

Hearts Front-Tie Blouse- Target
Black Cardigan- Zara
Black Skinny Jeans- Target
Black Boots- Jessica Simpson

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Romantic & Nerdy

To my students' Valentine's Day Concert...
"Temptress Red" Front-tie Blouse from
Black Skinny Jeans- Target
Knee-High Platform Boots by UGG

 Headed out for the evening with:
Leather Jacket  purchased in Italy
Pashmina Scarf purchased in Armenia
Leather Gloves from TJ Maxx
Red Purse from Target

Bottle of wine from Armenia!

Black Mani

 Goth for Valentine's Day.

Tee hee.

Nail Polish by Classics, purchased in Armenia.
Lingerie-inspired Nail Stickers by Broadway Nails, from Target.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Casual Wednesday

Buttoned-up on top and fun on bottom :)

This outfit is for having lunch with the girls, meetings, and catching up on work. Believe me, if I were teaching a class today, I wouldn't dare wear these sneakers. This is the first time I've been bold enough to wear them to campus!
 New frames from the Оптика on Մաստոտս.

Polka-dot Blouse- Target
Black Cardigan- Zara
Black Skinny Jeans- Target
Red Chuck Taylor Sneakers- Gift!