Friday, March 29, 2013

Casual Friday Lace

 This is the same lace blouse that I wore on Tuesday, but with the beige camisole that I wore on Monday. A couple of my friends did double takes because the cami matches my skin tone so well! Tuesday's look was professional, but this simple cami swap made it great for going out :)

Lace Top-Marshall's
Beige Camisole-
Black Cardigan- Zara
Jeans (not pictured)- Target
MIA Riding Boots (not pictured)- Target
Bangles- Gift from my cousin
Hoops- Bead store
P.S. My hair is au naturale today.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Slow Day

Today I was slow at doing everything, not just getting this blog post up!

New ring! A gift from the Dean of our department, who has a wonderfully classic sense of style herself!

Also new earrings from a jewelry market near the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Happily back to wedges today! These are my fave blue wedges from either TJ Maxx or Marshall's, I can't remember. I bought them in Lancaster, Ohio, last spring.

Jeans: Target
Cardigan: Zara
Blouse: Target

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Armenian jewelry time!

See my birthday bouquets?! I have the greatest friends and family

You can see I'm back to boots today, despite it being officially flats/pumps season (Remember how I was waiting? The time finally came over the weekend). My feet and ankles weren't as ready for the transition as the rest of me, so I'm giving them a recovery day.

I received this amazing necklace from one of my Armenian friends yesterday and I am so excited to wear it! I wanted a neutral kind of outfit so that I could let it take center stage. You can see that I'm pairing it with the same earrings I wore yesterday- I thought they worked really well together!

I was really hoping to find some traditional Armenian jewelry before the school year is over, so this was a very special gift for me. My friend tells me that the green stones are tiny shards of Armenian emerald, and the metal is also mined in Armenia. The spirals are the ancient Armenian symbol for eternity.

Black Cardigan- Zara
Black Skinny Jeans- Target
Sleeveless White Button-down- Marshall's
MIA Riding Boots- TJ Maxx
Earrings- Artifacts Gallery
Necklace- Birthday present from Armenia :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday Outfit!

Feelin' fab in black and red on my burfday!

Lace Top- Marshall's
Black Cami- Nordstrom Rack
Black Calvin Klein Blazer (part of a pant-suit)- Nordstrom Rack
Red Skinny Jeans- Target
MIA Wedges- a different Marshall's :)
Earrings- Artifacts Gallery
Red Chiffon Rose Pin- A birthday gift from my BFF Shuai! 
(This amazing lady pinned it to a box of Godiva chocolates. I will be wearing the chocolates tomorrow.)

Off to work now for a very full day of classes. Happy my birthday everyone! <3

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rough Around the Edges

I apologize for the series of awkward self-portraits make up today's blog post :/

Black Skinny Jeans- Target
Front-tie Anchor Blouse- Target
Nude Camisole-
Navy Blazer- H&M
Blue Wedges- TJ Maxx

Feelin' a little rough around the edges today, due to a little too much fun I had last night (yes, I know it was Sunday)! While I managed to pull my outfit together for work, from the neck up I look absolutely HAGGARD. (See what I did there?)


Friday, March 22, 2013

"Fairy Teal"*

*Please don't sue me.
 You guessed it- Casual Friday has finally gotten to me and I totally cropped my slippers out of this photo. Tutoring from home today! Don't worry, I will put shoes on before my student gets here. Probably.
I used to have an OPI nail polish called "Fairy Teal" that matched this sweater perfectly. I can't believe I didn't pack it!
 To be honest, I bought these earrings to match a belly button ring that I have. 
Classy, right? :/

Teal Sweater- Forever 21
Jeans- Target
Necklace- Gift from Parma, Italy
Earrings- Jewelry Market in Istanbul, Turkey
 Spiral Ear Cuff- ArianrhodWolfchild Shop on
Ring- Art and Jewelry Gallery in El Jadida, Morocco

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hearts for Spring

 A lot of black, white, and red outfits this week :/ ...guess I'm just feelin' it!
 Yesterday was officially the first day of spring, and I'm starting to feel it here in Armenia.
The true sign of spring that I'm waiting for is when women will switch from high-heeled boots to just plain high-heels. I'm waiting to see some ankles before I break out my pumps! Don't want to break any unwritten modacultural* rules here!
So in anticipation of my favorite season, hearts for spring!
I bought these earrings last weekend at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul! I bought them thinking of Valentine's day, but why not wear them now?
And to complete the look: a simple cardi and my go-to "Teacher Bag".

Hearts Front-Tie Blouse- Target
Red Skinny Jeans- Target
Black Boyfriend Cardi- Zara
Bueno Teacher Bag- Marshall's
Copper Heart Earrings- Grand Baazar, Istanbul
Black Jessica Simpson Boots- Marshall's

Today I'm linking up to "What I Wore to Work" at Mix and Match Fashion. Click on the button below to see Tara's fab work outfit, and many others!

*Modaculture is a made up word, though I know it's not very creative! I use it to mean the culture of fashion. There are many things I encounter while working in a foreign country that just can't be described accurately in English! Luckily I don't take myself too seriously to completely make up words for my own whimsy. Feel free to start using it!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lace & Face Time

Today's getup is for two very important Skype dates! Unfortunately, I had to cancel my usual Wednesday English Discussion Group because I have a job interview on Skype with someone in the U.S., and finding a time in which we were both available was very difficult. Just hours after my interview, I'll be Skyping-in for a Q&A session with a graduate linguistics class that I used to guest lecture in when I lived in Ohio.
And since it's a waist-up type of day, I'm wearing my favorite kicks!

Lace-Panel Blouse in "Temptress Red"-
Calvin Klein Jacket (part of pant suit)- Nordstrom Rack
Pearl Earrings- Nordstrom Rack
Black Skinny Jeans- Target
Red Chuck Taylor Sneakers- Gift from my big brother!

Linking up with Marionberry's Trend of the Month Challenge! See more fabulous lace ladies here.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Black Dots & Red Stones

Polka Dot Tie Blouse- Target
Black Skinny Jeans- Target
Silver Earrings with Red Stones- El Jadida, Morocco
Red Stone Ring- Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey
Black JS Boots- Marshall's

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back on the Board

Black 3/4 Dress with Pockets- Nordstrom Rack- Beachwood, Ohio
Black Leggings- Target- University Heights, Ohio
UGG Wedge Boots- Nordstrom Rack- Beachwood, Ohio
Burgundy Pashmina- Hermitage Market- Yerevan, Armenia
Leather Jacket- Vera Pelle Boutique- Florence, Italy
"Teacher Bag"- Marshall's- Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Headband- Bead Center- New York, New York

Got back from Turkey around 4am.
While my students liked the Turkish Delights I brought back for them, they weren't too happy about my renewed enthusiasm for discussing Armenian diplomacy.

Mwah ha ha ha.